The following accessories are available to help you play Fifth Edition Fallout.

Character Sheets

I've created a PDF sheet, which is available in standard and form-fill versions. I've also created a sheet in Googledrive which you can use for online gaming!

  • PDF (standard): Download it here.
  • PDF: (form-fill): Download it here.
  • Google Drive: Download it here. This has come up a few times since I released this sheet: you don't need to request edit access to this file from me (and please don't, I won't grant it!). To get a version you can edit, simply click "File" then "Make a copy" from the menu.


Over time, several people have asked me to create a sheet for Roll20. I did look into it, and I even began designing one. But I soon saw that actually making the sheet interactive in Roll20 was a bit beyond me. If anyone would like to make one, please feel free - and if you do, let me know so I can tell people about it!

Counter Pack

The Fifth Edition Fallout rules suggest tracking the effects of radiation damage using resources called Geiger Counters; they also use similar token-based methods of tracking fluctuating scores such as Luck, Dehydration, and Starvation.

You can use anything to represent these counters (poker chips, cards, etc.), but you may wish to download the Counter Pack for its tailor made Fallout counter designs. They are designed to fit on a bottlecap, so for truly memorable and immersive counters consider gluing these counters to bottlecaps and artificially weathering them!

The Counter Pack comes in two flavours, depending on your printing needs:

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