The following skills can be selected:

Strength-based Skills

  • Athletics

Dexterity-based Skills

  • Acrobatics
  • Sleight of Hand
  • Stealth

Intelligence-based Skills

  • Hacking
  • History
  • Investigation
  • Nature
  • Science


The Hacking skill is used to deal with electronic security measures and reprogram machines.


The Science skill is used to decipher the purpose of machines, vault experiments, and other pre- and post-war technologies.

Science might also impart knowledge about who developed a certain piece of technology.For instance, the character would know the difference between a RobCo component and one manufactured by General Atomics International. Similarly, methods of construction or clues in appearance might suggest a device was put together by an organisation such as the Brotherhood of Steel, the Enclave, or the Institute.

Wisdom-based Skills

  • Animal Handling
  • Insight
  • Medicine
  • Perception
  • Survival

Charisma-based Skills

  • Deception
  • Intimidation
  • Performance
  • Persuasion


The following tools can be selected:

  • Brewer’s Supplies
  • Calligrapher’s Supplies
  • Carpenter’s Tools
  • Cartographer’s Tools
  • Cobbler’s Tools
  • Carpenter’s Tools
  • Chem Cook’s Supplies
  • Cook’s Utensils
  • Gaming Set: Chess, Dice Set, Draughts, Playing Card Set, etc.
  • Glassblower’s Tools
  • Jeweler’s Tools
  • Leatherworker’s Tools
  • Mason’s Tools
  • Mechanic’s Tools
  • Musical Instrument: Any
  • Navigator’s Tools
  • Painter’s Tools
  • Pip-Boy
  • Potter’s Tools
  • Smith’s Tools
  • Surgeon's Tools
  • Thieves’ Tools
  • Vehicle: Air (eg. airship, vertibird), Land (eg. cart, car, motorbike), Water (eg. boat, ship), Underwater (eg. submersible, submarine).
  • Weaver’s Tools
  • Woodcarver’s Tools
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