Devices and Tools
Devices & Tools
Item Cost
Robot Repair Kit 40 caps
Stealth Boy 150 caps

Device Special Properties

Robot Repair Kit. Using a Robot Repair Kit as an action on a robot or turret restores 6d4 hit points.

Stealth Boy. Using a Stealth Boy as an action grants the invisible condition for 30 seconds (5 rounds).

Tool Special Properties

Bobby Pin. A bobby pin can be used to pick a lock. Failing to meet the DC of the lock by more than 5 results in the bobby pin breaking.

Chem Cook’s Tools. Includes a bunsen burner, vials, and a supply of gas and common chemicals.

Mechanic’s Tools. Includes a drill, adjustable wrench, saw, screwdriver set, etc.

Pip-Boy. A portable computer (handheld or worn on the wrist, depending on the model) which can be used to keep notes, download and view local maps, and interface with other machines and computers.

Thieves’ Tools. Lockpicks are rare and valuable treasures in the wasteland, so thieves’ tools do not include them. Instead, thieves’ tools include 10 bobby pins, as well as a crowbar.

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