Rather than use the trinket table in the Player's Handbook, generate a trinket from the alternative table presented here.

d100 (1-50) Trinket d100 (51-100) Trinket
1 The shrunken head of a feral ghoul. 51 A baby rattle with a demonic face drawn on with permanent marker.
2 A slightly used bar of soap. 52 A dented coffee tin containing radbat guano.
3 A charm made from a Deathclaw’s knucklebone. 53 A heavily thumbed and blood-spattered copy of an edition of the Wasteland Survival Guide.
4 A battered copy of an edition of one of the following magazines: Tumblers Today or Locksmith’s Reader. 54 A battered copy of one of the following: the U.S Covert Operations Manual or the Chinese Army Special Ops Training Manual.
5 A silver locket engraved with the initials “AD”. 55 A heavily creased pre-War photograph of a Pekingese dog.
6 A souvenir magnet of Nuka-Cola’s Cappy mascot. 56 A child’s plastic Nuka-Cola watch, faded pink.
7 A crude map inked onto a strip of Super Mutant skin. 57 An ugly purple plastic toy alien.
8 A battered copy of an issue of The Unstoppables comic book. 58 A King, Queen, and Rook from a chess set, all carved from ivory.
9 A hand-written fan script for a radio play entitled “The Silver Shroud Versus The Lascivious Libertine”. 59 A battered copy of an edition of Total Hack, Programmer’s Digest, or similar.
10 A sealed pack of RobCo branded pre-War playing cards. 60 A Nuka-Cola branded big gulp cup.
11 A metal toy soldier with chipped paint. 61 One page of a longer musical score.
12 A collectible baseball with a faded and illegibile signature. 62 A battered copy of an edition of Picket Fences magazine.
13 A battered copy of an edition of True Police Stories magazine. 63 A tiny ship impossibly trapped in a 50cl whiskey bottle.
14 A teddy bear in a little labcoat. 64 A plastic baseball bat with the words “talking stick” scrawled on it in permanent marker.
15 A copy of the Blast Radius board game with three of the original player tokens missing. 65 A heavily thumbed and grease-stained copy of an edition of Takes of a Junktown Jerky Vendor.
16 A pair of plastic “X-Ray Specs”, that don’t seem to do the job advertised. 66 A dented and torn copy of Pugilism Illustrated.
17 A necklace made of nightstalker fangs. 67 A battered copy of an issue of the ¡La Fantoma! comic book.
18 A Las Vegas Snow Globe. 68 A shot glass with a frosted Vault-Tec logo.
19 A grisly amulet made of mole rat teeth, claws, and whiskers. 69 A battered copy of an edition of one of the following magazines: The Massachusetts Surgical Journal, The D.C. Journal of Internal Medicine, or Today’s Physician.
20 A false eyeball on a neck chain. 70 A decorative bowl carved from a human skull cap bone.
21 A fancy hairbrush with a pretty floral pattern painted gold. 71 A plush sloth toy with a torn leg.
22 A stoppered bottle containing dark yellow liquid and labelled “Yaou Guai Urine - Aphrodisiac”. 72 A broken RobCo Protectron collectible model.
23 The antenna of a PDQ-88b Securitron. 73 An empty box featuring a design of a young boy performing a nuclear experiment and labelled “U-238 Atomatoys Energy Laboratory Kit”.
24 A roll of undeveloped ProSnap camera film. 74 A stainless steel eyelash curler.
25 A battered copy of an edition of one of the following magazines: Live and Love or Meeting People. 75 A battered copy of an edition of Boxing Times magazine.
26 A holodisk journal written entirely in code. 76 A necklace made from pieces of polished radstag horn.
27 A battered copy of an issue of the Silver Shroud comic book. 77 A small jar filled with powdered ghoul bone.
28 A heavily creased pre-War photograph of a ragdoll cat. 78 A Nuka-lele brand ukulele, painted with a colourful atomic explosion and with two of its strings missing.
29 A flip-lighter featuring a Protectron design. 79 A colourfully stained copy of The Big Book of Science.
30 A battered copy of an edition of one of the following weapons magazines: Guns and Bullets, Duck and Cover, Future Weapons Today, Milsurp Review, or the Patriot’s Cookbook. 80 A child’s wooden letter block with the letters B & Y.
31 A leather belt made from Deathclaw hide. 81 A battered copy of an edition of La Coiffe magazine.
32 A tattered and doodle-covered copy of Lying, Congressional Style. 82 A creased pre-War photograph of an attractive redhead.
33 An empty Vault-Tec Lunchbox. 83 A sheet of Grognak the Barbarian water transfers.
34 A carefully folded copy of a pre-war news paper. 84 An Unstoppables Cereal plastic decoder ring.
35 A Nuka-Cola bottlecap-shaped bottle opener on a key chain. 85 A battered copy of an edition of Tesla Science magazine.
36 A safe deposit key to a mystery box in a mystery bank. 86 A jar of powder made from abraxo and dried radscorpion venom gland, sold as a treatment for athlete’s foot.
37 A Jangles the Moon Monkey plush toy, unevenly restitched in several places. 87 A boiled and varnished Deathclaw egg painted silver.
38 A broken holodisk. 88 A trifold American flag in a wooden case.
39 A well-thumbed pre-war tabloid paper. 89 A flip-lighter featuring an Unstoppables design.
40 A slightly bent silver fork. 90 A battered copy of an edition of Taboo Tattoos magazine.
41 A battered copy of an edition of Hot Rodder magazine. 91 A pre-War postcard from “Wilma” to “June”, wishing the latter were with her in the pictured paradise, somewhere called Hawaii.
42 A broken RobCo Sentry Bot collectible model. 92 A chipped wooden yo-yo.
43 A well-preserved codebook written in Chinese. 93 A battered copy of an edition of Lad’s Life magazine.
44 A slightly chipped china teacup. 94 A pristine pack of pre-War cigarettes.
45 A battered copy of an edition of Dean’s Electronics magazine. 95 The hemispherical cap of a mini nuke.
46 A Brotherhood of Steel Holotog belonging to someone called Paladin Cole. 96 A battered copy of an issue of the Grognak the Barbarian comic book.
47 A piece of a cazadore’s wing, preserved in a wooden box. 97 The Player’s Handbook of a pre-War game called Vaults and Vampires, with many of its more obscure rules highlighted and their pages marked with colour-coded tabs.
48 A flip-lighter featuring a patriotic American flag. 98 A Super Mutant femur carved with tribal markings.
49 A tarnished silver dollar. 99 A giddyup buttercup’s front left leg.
50 A battered copy of an issue of the Astoundingly Awesome Tales comic book. 100 An empty chemical canister marked “F.E.V.”

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