Melee Weapon Modifications

A melee weapon can usually have one upgrade, chosen from the following list.

The Melee Weapons table shows which modifications can be equipped to various weapons, while the Melee Modifications.

Special rules associated with melee weapon modifications are listed below.

Melee Modifications
Modification Cost Weight
Electrified 40 caps +0.5 lb.
Electrified Serrated Blade 120 caps +0.5 lb.
Heating Coil 180 caps +0.5 lb.
Heavy 30 caps +0.5 lb.
Hooked 30 caps +4 lb.
Rocket 100 caps +0.5 lb.
Serrated Blade 40 caps +0 lb.
Spiked 30 caps +0.5 lb.
Stun Pack 160 caps +0.5 lb.

Melee Modification Properties

Electrified. This modification adapts a weapon so it gives off an electrical discharge. The weapon deals an additional 1d4 electric damage.

Electrified Serrated Blade. This modification incorporates the properties of both the Electrified and Serrated Blade modifications.

Flame Jets. This modification increases the fire damage of a shishkebab to 2d4.

Heating Coil. This modification converts half of the weapon’s damage dice to energy damage. If the weapon has an odd number of damage dice, the majority of its damage dice retain its original damage type (for instance, a power fist with a heating coil deals 2d4 bludgeoning and 1d4 energy damage).

Heavy. This modification adapts a bludgeoning melee weapon by adding bulk, wrapping it with sturdy chain, or similar. The damage dice of the weapon are increased to the next highest size (for instance 1d6 becomes 1d8, or 2d6 becomes 2d8).

Hooked. This modification adds a hook to the weapon, granting the wielder advantage on attempts to disarm an opponent.

Rocket. This modification enhances a melee weapon with rocket propulsion, turning it into a weapon similar to a super sledge. A rocket-propelled melee weapon deals an additional die of damage.

Serrated Blade. This modification adapts a bladed weapon. In addition to taking damage, the target must succeed at a DC 12 Constitution saving throw or take 1d4 damage of the same type as the weapon at the beginning of each of their turns. The target can repeat their saving throw at the end of every turn.

Spiked. This modification adapts a bludgeoning melee weapon with nail studs, blades, or similar. The weapon deals an additional d4 piercing damage.

Stun Pack. This modification has all the properties of the Electrified modification (above). In addition, the target must make a DC 12 Constitution saving throw or be restrained until the end of their next turn.

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