Trinkets of Fallen Britannia

When rolling on the trinkets table, you may get a result that doesn’t fit. Substitute an alternative where possible, and if all else fails roll again.

References to America (eg. a flag) can be replaced with Britain.

Similarly, references to American-made robots or products can be substituted for a robot or product made by a British company.

Any result that has to do with Nuka Cola merchandise can be kept (as Nuka Cola was marketed in Britain) or you can substitute for a branded drink by Newman’s Soft Drinks, the Britannia Beverage Company, or Fission! energy drink.

Here is a list of American publications (books, magazines, and comics) that appear in the trinkets tables and possible title substitutions you might make:

  • ¡La Fantoma!: Robin Hoody, The Emerald Cowl
  • Astoundingly Awesome Tales: Everyday Tales for Everybody
  • Dean’s Electronics: Wires Weekly
  • Guns and Bullets: Master at Arms
  • Grognak the Barbarian: Cearul of Tír na nÓg
  • Hot Rodder: Winning Wheels
  • La Coiffe: Hair Highlights
  • Lad’s Life: Scout’s Honour
  • Live and Love: Hey Up!
  • Lying, Congressional Style: The Modern Conservative
  • Picket Fences: Grand Designs
  • Pugilism Illustrated: Queensberry Rules For Dummies
  • Boxing Times: Fisticuffs Fortnightly
  • Silver Shroud: The Rudimentary Exploits of Hurlock Slome
  • Taboo Tattoos: Think Ink
  • Tesla Science: Modern Scientist
  • The Massachusetts Surgical Journal: The General Practitioner
  • The Unstoppables: Paladins of Atom
  • Total Hack: Binary Choice
  • Tumblers Today: Jiggler! Monthly
  • U.S Covert Operations Manual: The MI6 Agent’s Primer
  • Wasteland Survival Guide: S.A.S. Survival Guide

If you roll an entry that is inappropriate and the guidance above does not cover how it should be changed, either work with the GM to make a suitable alteration to the result you rolled or roll again to get a new result.

Alternate Trinkets Table

The table provided here makes changes based on the guidance provided above, and incorporating additional changes. Despite my efforts you may still generate an entry that doesn't make sense (please notify me if this happens!)

d100 (1-50) Trinket d100 (51-100) Trinket
1 The shrunken head of a feral ghoul. 51 A baby rattle with a demonic face drawn on with permanent marker.
2 A slightly used bar of soap. 52 A dented coffee tin containing radbat guano.
3 A charm made from a Nuklion’s claw. 53 A heavily thumbed and blood-spattered copy of an edition of the S.A.S. Survival Guide.
4 A battered copy of an edition of Jiggler! Monthly magazine. 54 A battered copy of the MI6 Agent's Primer
5 A silver locket engraved with the initials “AD”. 55 A heavily creased pre-War photograph of a Pekingese dog.
6 A souvenir magnet of Nuka-Cola’s Cappy mascot. 56 A child’s plastic Nuka-Cola watch, faded pink.
7 A crude map inked onto a strip of Super Mutant skin. 57 An ugly purple plastic toy alien.
8 A battered copy of a Paladins of Atom comic book. 58 A King, Queen, and Rook from a chess set, all carved from ivory.
9 A hand-written fan script for a radio play entitled “The Silver Shroud Versus The Lascivious Libertine”. 59 A battered copy of an edition of Binary Choice magazine.
10 A sealed pack of RobCo branded pre-War playing cards. 60 A Newman's Atomic Iron Brew branded big gulp cup.
11 A metal toy soldier with chipped paint. 61 One page of a longer musical score.
12 A collectible baseball with a faded and illegibile signature. 62 A battered copy of an edition of Grand Designs magazine.
13 A battered copy of an edition of True Police Stories magazine. 63 A tiny ship impossibly trapped in a 50cl whiskey bottle.
14 A teddy bear in a little labcoat. 64 A plastic baseball bat with the words “talking stick” scrawled on it in permanent marker.
15 A copy of the Blast Radius board game with three of the original player tokens missing. 65 A heavily thumbed and grease-stained copy of an edition of Takes of a Junktown Jerky Vendor.
16 A pair of plastic “X-Ray Specs”, that don’t seem to do the job advertised. 66 A dented and torn copy of Queensberry Rules For Dummies.
17 A necklace made of nightstalker fangs. 67 A battered copy of a Robin Hoody, The Emerald Cowl comic book.
18 A Las Vegas Snow Globe. 68 A shot glass with a frosted BunkCo logo.
19 A grisly amulet made of mole rat teeth, claws, and whiskers. 69 A battered copy of an edition of The General Practitioner magazine.
20 A false eyeball on a neck chain. 70 A decorative bowl carved from a human skull cap bone.
21 A fancy hairbrush with a pretty floral pattern painted gold. 71 A plush sloth toy with a torn leg.
22 A stoppered bottle containing dark yellow liquid and labelled “Yaou Guai Urine - Aphrodisiac”. 72 A broken Rise Robotics securibot collectible model.
23 The antenna of a PDQ-88b Securitron. 73 An empty box featuring a design of a young boy performing a nuclear experiment and labelled “U-238 Atomatoys Energy Laboratory Kit”.
24 A roll of undeveloped ProSnap camera film. 74 A stainless steel eyelash curler.
25 A battered copy of an edition of Hey Up! magazine. 75 A battered copy of an edition of Fisticuffs Fortnightly magazine.
26 A holodisk journal written entirely in code. 76 A necklace made from pieces of polished radstag horn.
27 A battered copy of The Rudimentary Exploits of Hurlock Slome comic book. 77 A small jar filled with powdered ghoul bone.
28 A heavily creased pre-War photograph of a ragdoll cat. 78 A Nuka-lele brand ukulele, painted with a colourful atomic explosion and with two of its strings missing.
29 A flip-lighter featuring a Securitron design. 79 A colourfully stained copy of The Big Book of Science.
30 A battered copy of an edition of one of the Master at Arms magazine. 80 A child’s wooden letter block with the letters B & Y.
31 A leather belt made from radboar hide. 81 A battered copy of an edition of Hair Highlights magazine.
32 A tattered and doodle-covered copy of The Modern Conservative. 82 A creased pre-War photograph of an attractive redhead.
33 An empty BunkCo Lunchbox. 83 A sheet of Cearul of Tír na nÓg water transfers.
34 A carefully folded copy of a pre-war news paper. 84 A Paladins of Atom Cereal plastic decoder ring.
35 A Newman's Soft Drinks bottlecap-shaped bottle opener on a key chain. 85 A battered copy of an edition of Modern Scientist magazine.
36 A safe deposit key to a mystery box in a mystery bank. 86 A jar of powder made from abraxo and dried radscorpion venom gland, sold as a treatment for athlete’s foot.
37 A Jangles the Moon Monkey plush toy, unevenly restitched in several places. 87 A tatty preserved nuklion tail.
38 A broken holodisk. 88 A scuffed union flag print faux leather wallet.
39 A well-thumbed pre-war tabloid paper. 89 A flip-lighter featuring a Paladins of Atom design.
40 A slightly bent silver fork. 90 A battered copy of an edition of Think Ink magazine.
41 A battered copy of an edition of Winning Wheels magazine. 91 A pre-War postcard from “Wilma” to “June”, wishing the latter were with her in the pictured holiday destination, a beach in Skegness. Is it your imagination, or is the message dripping with irony?
42 A broken Sovereign Technologies Brigadier Triumph collectible model 92 A chipped wooden yo-yo.
43 A well-preserved codebook written in French. 93 A battered copy of an edition of Scout's Honour magazine.
44 A slightly chipped china teacup. 94 A pristine pack of pre-War cigarettes.
45 A battered copy of an edition of Wires Weekly magazine. 95 The hemispherical cap of a mini nuke.
46 A Brotherhood of Steel Holotog belonging to someone called Paladin Cole. 96 A battered copy of a Cearul of Tír na nÓg comic book.
47 A piece of a cazadore’s wing, preserved in a wooden box. 97 The Player’s Handbook of a pre-War game called Vaults and Vampires, with many of its more obscure rules highlighted and their pages marked with colour-coded tabs.
48 A flip-lighter featuring the union flag. 98 A Super Mutant femur carved with tribal markings.
49 A tarnished silver dollar. 99 A giddyup buttercup’s front left leg.
50 A battered copy of an Everyday Tales for Everybody comic book. 100 An empty chemical canister marked “F.E.V.”
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