Weapons of Fallen Britain

All ranged weapons, melee weapons, and modifications listed in Fifth Edition Fallout are available in Fallen Britain. In the Fallout universe Britain's gun laws were a lot more relaxed. The GM is free to rule that unique weapons such as the Junk Jet or Cryolator have never been created by a British inventor at their own discretion, since it is their decision whether to introduce such weapons to their game in the first place! at the GM’s discretion.

Pre-War weaponry found in Fallen Britain (eg. most weapons other than pipe guns) were most likely manufactured by British or European manufacturers, and therefore would differ in appearance but not mechanics to their American equivalents.

Unique weapons

Wastelanders of Fallen Britannia have also developed a unique makeshift weapon, the blastbow, which has the following special rules.

Britannic Weapons
Weapon Cost Damage Weight Ammo Properties Modifications
Martial Ranged Weapons Barrel Grip Magazine Muzzle Receiver Sights
Blastbow 40 caps 1d6 piercing, 1d6 fire 5 lb. Blastbolt ammunition (range 40/120), two-handed Comfort Grip

Firearm Special Properties

Blastbow. A blastbow is a longbow that has been modified with a cylindrical barrel to help direct a slightly unwieldy “blastbolt”, an arrow with an explosive cap. If an attack with the blastbow hits, the target can be pushed back 5 feet if they are Large or smaller.

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