Factions of Fallen Britain

National Factions

Blood Hounds

Really a term used to describe multiple disparate groups rather than a united faction, "blood hounds" are gangs of raiders that are either exclusively or largely made up of blood-drinking dearg dubh. Even among raiders, who are often noted for their sadistic displays, blood hound gangs are particularly known for cruelty and violence. They will keep their prey alive for long stretches of time, draining them until they are teetering on the edge of life and death, all the while enacting torture, mutilations, and other dark cravings on the unfortunate victim.

Sometimes, members of other species who are obsessed with the idea of vampirism join a blood hound gang. These monsters assist the dearg dubh in capturing prey, and even partake in blood consumption when it can be spared even though they derive no real benefit from it. Only true sadomasochists can handle membership in a blood hound gang for long, because when fresh victims are hard to come by the vampires turn on their non-dearg dubh recruits to provide blood and sport.

Church of the Children of Atom, The

Children of Atom missionaries arrived in Fallen Britain from across the North Atlantic ocean in 2137 and the religion has spread throughout the wastes. The Church has essentially the same beliefs as the their brethren in America, with only minor differences in organisation to set them apart. Unlike their American counterparts, the British branch of the Church make no distinct between their leaders, regardless of sex. All priests of the Church of Atom are known as "confessors", and the title of "mother" has fallen out of disuse.

The highest ranking Child of Atom in the nation is Arch-Confessor Lacy Vale who resides at the Temple of Atom on the shore of Vile Pool. Other important members of the Church include High Confessor O'Brien of the Brumma's Sham congregation as well as High Confessor Laghari who is based in the south of The Smoke.

Crown Couriers

Formed following the Great War by surviving members of the Royal Mail apparatus, Crown Couriers endeavour to keep lines of communication open across the British mainland (currently excluding the Province of Georgeland). They maintain an office in every large settlement, through which they coordinate the efforts of local couriers.

Crusaders, The

The Crusaders are the largest mercenary company in Fallen Britain. They are based out of the wasteland settlement Brumma's Sham (in the ruins of Birmingham), but have battalions stationed in multiple places throughout the wastes, including the old Territorial Army Centre in White City, The Smoke.

Although the Crusader organisation as a whole does abide by some ethical practices, the only rule that really matters is that once a price is agreed, they don't betray an employer provided the employer meets their own end of the deal. Crusaders are not supposed to exploit their access to weapons and training for criminal activity such as raiding, but in practice there is very little to stop this occurring and many officers choose to ignore infractions brought to their attention rather than lose competent soldiers and the goodwill of their other troops. In many cases, the officers themselves are part of the problem.

Eden Knight Missionaries

Missionary groups belonging to the Eden Knights travel throughout Fallen Britain to spread their faith, by fire and sword if necessary. They are particularly hostile to members of the Church of Atom, as well as to nonhumans.

Order, The

The Order is a paramilitary organisation that evolved out of the remnants of the British Army with the desire to bring order back to the United Kingdom. However, their objective is to form a new system of governance that protects Britain's citizens against the abuses of the old world, putting them at odds with the Regime.

The Order is roughly equivalent to America's Brotherhood of Steel. They don't share that organisation's penchant for hoarding technology, as long as it is non-military in application and its use cannot be abused. Where possible, the Order prefers to work together with Fallen Britain's settlements, and because of this many British wastelanders are of the opinion that things would indeed be better if the fractured nation could be brought under Order control.

The Order do not operate in Georgeland, where they are not welcome. Nor do they have a chapter within the Caledonian Union. The Unionists have requested the Order's assistance in turning the tide against the Super Mutants of Georgeland, but will not agree to the Order's condition that Union territories must be brought under ceded to Order control until such a time as a rightful government of the new United Kingdom can be established. Despite this stalemate officers of both the Cumbria and Northumberland chapters are pressing the Order's leadership to put other objectives on hold and commit to assist the Caledonian Union, with less stringent conditions if necessary. Bringing the Union into the new world Order can wait, they argue, but the Super Mutants are a problem that will not go away and will only get more difficult to deal with time.

Regime, The

Operating from the shadows to manipulate the most influential communities in the waste and stockpiling as much military power as they can acquire, the Regime are the descendants of aristocrats, politicians, and civil servants who wish to see the United Kingdom recreated along with its government, and so see the positions of influence once occupied by their ancestors restored. Most of the surviving military joined the Order so the Regime lacks manpower, but they remain a threat nonetheless. They have access to secret munitions stockpiles and research labs even the Order doesn't know about, and their insidious reach is a constant threat to the Order's stability. Agents of the Regime routinely sound out officers of the Order, looking for signs that an individual might be turned to their cause by bribery or threats.

Factions of The Smoke

Church of the Children of Atom, The

High Confessor Laghari leads the congregation of Atom worshippers in the Smoke. Originally, the Children sought to make the old Battersea Nuclear Plant into a cathedral to their faith, but the Eden Knights soon learned of their proximity and swiftly attacked, driving the Children out. The High Confessor was forced to move his flock further from the city centre, and the Children have had to learn to be more circumspect in their activities for the time being. They have now settled in the Croydon Clocktower.

It is High Confessor Laghari's fervent wish to reclaim the Battersea Nuclear Plant, but before he can reasonably expect to do so he realises that the Eden Knights must be eliminated or crippled.

Eden Knights

A paramilitary group based in the premises of the Westminster Cathedral, The Eden Knights follow the heavily bastardized Catholic teachings of their Popes (currently Pope Leroy IV). The Eden Knights consider anyone who isn't an untainted human to be an abomination. They believe that only humans have souls that can be saved, though many humans are unrepentant sinners equally worthy of being purged. Late-life mutations such as ghoulification are seen as a sign from God that a former human was not worthy of heaven's light. Their goal is to purge the wasteland and create a utopia for the faithful under the auspicious guidance of their Pope. Their elite soldiers are called templars, and are easily identifiable thanks to their gleaming white curtana power armour and the white tabards they wear embroidered with a red cross pattée. Some templars are also ordained as priests, and these individuals lead missionary squads out into the wastes of London and beyond.

Fire FM

Fire FM is a radio show hosted by Queenie Maxwell, who is dedicated to the idea that the people of the wasteland are deserving of information and entertainment. Fire FM’s programming is a mixture of pre-War music, radio dramas, and news bulletins.

“Fire FM: there’s no Smoke without fire!”

Giants of Albion

A group of Super Mutants who left Georgeland in 2289 after becoming disenfranchised with their leadership, the Giants of Albion decided to travel far to the south and set up a more perfect nation in the ruins of England's capital. They are led by the Super Mutant Isaac, who claims to have stolen the secret to creating more Super Mutants from the labs of Fort George.

The group are currently based out of the Royal Artillery Barracks at Greenwich, which they claimed after defeating a powerful local gang. They scour the ruins of London for technology and lab equipment that Isaac requires to reproduce the Super Mutant creation process.

The Giants style themselves as the second coming of the mythical giant-folk who supposedly ruled in Britain before the coming of humanity. Though they don't really believe their own story, it is a useful bit of rhetoric which, along with their physical might, has already persuaded many folk of the Smoke to submit to their will.

Factions of Scotland

Caledonian Union

The aggressive expansion of Super Mutants throughout Scotland forced the various tribals and other locals factions being steamrollered to group together to survive. The Caledonian Union was formally established in 2112 after the fall of Aberdeen and quickly acquired new members as the Super Mutants continued to push south. The Union has been pushed back multiple times over the years, and now controls territory south of Falkirk to the Scottish-English border.

The Union is governed by a Parliament formed from the leaders of its member factions, including those factions that have been displaced from their former territories.

Province of Georgeland

The Province is a nation-state led by Super Mutants with a simple foreign policy: aggressive expansion. It encompasses all of the Scottish mainland north of Falkirk, where their expansion has been held in stalemate for nearly a decade by the Caledonian Union. As it has twice in history before, Falkirk seems set to be the location of a historic battle.

Georgeland is ruled from Fort George in Inverness by the Autarch, a Super Mutant Primus who was the very first of his kind. Other Super Mutants from the original experiments and the early years of their expansion rule over various territories carved from the greater Province and serve as generals in the Province's Grand Army. They also sit on the Assembly, a house that advises the Autarch.

The growth of the Province has been delayed by lack of new recruits. As the Super Mutant elites of the nation cannot procreate in the traditional way, their numbers must be replenished by mutating humans, of which there are too few remaining. Those humans that do still live in Georgeland actually enjoy a protected status, because the Super Mutant leadership recognises that in order for them to survive in the longterm the human population must be allowed to replenish itself regularly. Thus, Georgeland humans are allowed to live freely but are encouraged to procreate. After a child has survived until the age of ten, one of the older members of the community, though generally someone of middle age who will be better able to withstand the process, is selected to become a Super Mutant. Generally, Georgeland citizens feel this is a fair price to pay for the peace and security the Super Mutants offer them, and many view being chosen as a prize, preferring the idea of effective immortality as a Super Mutant more appealing than old age and death.

As prized breeding stock humans are not allowed to serve in the Grand Army and are discouraged from performing any kind of dangerous job when it is possible for someone else to do it. Ghouls, slags, and dearg dubh of the Province have no such protections. Even Super Mutants themselves will take on a difficult task rather than make their precious breeding stock do it, but they would prefer to make other lesser mutants do it. The best a mutant can hope for in Georgeland society is to join the Auxillary Corps of the Grand Army where they might distinguish themselves and become an officer.

The Albion Conspiracy

A growing minority of Super Mutants are dissatisfied with the leadership of their nation being in the hands of former criminals who lack any kind of qualification. The Super Mutants of the Albion Conspiracy are led by mutants created from scientists, doctors, and other intellectuals who dream of a nation that has bigger aspirations than its next battle. Many Super Mutants who have left Georgeland are or were members of the Conspiracy. Some grew tired of waiting for change in Georgeland and decided to pursue their hopes elsewhere. Others may have been forced to flee after their treachery was discovered.

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