PDF Rules

''Fifth Edition Fallout'' is also available as a PDF, though may not be as up to date as the wiki.

Download it here.

Version: 1-0-8

If the version of Fifth Edition Fallout's PDF you're using is 1-0-6 or older, you should consider 1-0-8 an essential download. It includes many new feats, monster statblocks 55 new monster statblocks, and a considerable number of corrections. If your version is 1-0-7, 1-0-8 is recommended but not essential. It adds 3 new weapons: the incinerator, pulse pistol, and pulse rifle.

I believe this version is up to date with the exception of the creature statblocks listed below. If you find anything else missing from the PDF that appears on the wiki, please let me know @spilledale!

To Be Added in Version 1-0-9

  • Enclave
    • Scientist (CR 1/2)
    • Enclave Trainee (CR 5)
    • Enclave Officer (CR 9)
    • Enclave Soldier (CR 11)
    • Enclave Veteran (CR 13)
    • Sidebar: Flame Troopers (two variant statblocks)
    • Sidebar: Pulse Troopers (two variant statblocks)
    • Sidebar: Tesla Soldiers (one variant statblock)
    • Sidebar: Hellfire Troopers (one variant statblock)
    • Sidebar: Control Company (four variant statblocks)
    • Sidebar: Squad Sigma (six variant statblocks)
  • Floaters
    • Floater (CR 1/2)
    • Bloody Floater (CR 2)
    • Nasty Floater (CR 5)
  • Mutant Hounds
    • Mutant Hound (CR 1)
    • Glowing Mutant Hound (CR 3)
  • Robots
    • Liberty Prime (CR 27)
  • Spore Plants
    • Spore Plant (CR 1/2)
    • Giant Spore Plant (CR 5)
    • Dionaea Muscipula (CR 8)
  • Spore Carriers
    • Spore Carrier Runt (CR 1/2)
    • Spore Carrier (CR 1)
    • Spore Carrier Brute (CR 2)
    • Spore Carrier Savage (CR 3)
    • Spore Carrier Scavenger (CR 5)
    • Spore Carrier Beast (CR 8)
  • Trogs
    • Trog Fledgling (CR 1/8)
    • Trog (CR 1/2)
    • Trog Brute (CR 1)
    • Trog Savage (CR 4)
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