Damage Types

Damage in Fifth Edition Fallout can belong to any of the following types of damage:

Bludgeoning: Dealt by non-edged weapons such as hammers and other sources of blunt force trauma.

Chemical: Acids, alkalis, and many man-made chemical products deal this type of damage. In general if it corrodes or is caustic, it deals chemical damage.

Cold: Cold damage can be caused by exposure to extreme temperature lows, as well as to attacks from certain advanced weaponry such as the cryogun.

Electrical: Live currents, lightning strikes, and stun guns are all examples of damage sources that deal electrical damage.

Energy: Energy damage is dealt by laser weaponry.

Fire: Exposure to flame or extremely hot environmental conditions can cause fire damage.

Piercing: Piercing damage is dealt by attacks that puncture and impale, such as spears, horns, and conventional bullets.

Poison: Sources of poison damage include the stings of radscorpions and other insects, poisonous gases and vapours, as well as substances that make you sick if handled or consumed.

Radiation: Radiation damage can be caused by exposure to radioactive substances and higher than usual levels of background radiation, proximity to unshielded fusion generators machines or fusion cells, and certain radiation-based weapons.

Slashing: Axes, claws, and rippers are examples of this damage type. If it cuts or rends, it deals slashing damage.

Sonic: Concussive blasts of sound and painfully pitched noises are sources of sonic damage.

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