Fifth Edition Fallout

This wiki compiles the complete rules and mechanics of the Fifth Edition Fallout hack, which makes roleplaying in the world of Fallout using the current edition of Dungeons & Dragons possible. You may also download Fifth Edition Fallout as a PDF sourcebook, though please note that the PDF may not be as up to date.

Fifth Edition Fallout is not a complete game, and requires the Fifth Edition Player’s Handbook or Basic Rules.

If you use the rules presented here to run a Fallout game or adapt them to another setting, it would make my day to hear about it! Please consider tweeting @spilledale to let me know what you’re doing with it.

Feel free to contact me if you think you've found an error, too. But please keep in mind that I use British English and double check that the spelling error you've found is actually an error!

Fallout is the sole intellectual property of Bethesda Softworks. This is purely a fan work.

Text and game mechanics presented in this wiki are not Open Game Content and should not be reproduced or repackaged in any way.

Banner art is by deviantart user rustysteel, and is used with permission.

Update Status

The announcement of an official Fallout RPG using Modiphius' 2d20 system means that the small fanbase this hack has built is more likely to become smaller than it is to become larger. In addition, the chances of receiving a Cease & Desist, while in my opinion unwarranted, aren't zero. As much as I love the game I've built, this means that continued work on it has questionable value to me as a designer compared to diverting my focus to other endeavours. It's unlikely at this stage I will make any significant new additions, save perhaps a few pieces of new equipment or monster statblocks here and there.

Fortunately, Fifth Edition Fallout has been a fairly complete package for a while, and I'd already been investing less time on it lately in favour of other projects. It might be missing a few statblocks, but that's nothing an enterprising DM can't fix for themselves.

Fans who decide they prefer Fifth Edition Fallout to the official system will still want to keep an eye on my output: after all, I still hope to publish Wasteland Woes and Wasteland Wheels, two additional post-apocalyptic supplements for 5e which will join Wasteland Wanderers and Wasteland Wares.

Incomplete Sections

When navigating the bestiary, you'll notice some of the creature sections in the navigation bar and index page have an asterisk (*) next to the title. This indicates that all the statblocks that presently exist for the section are present (but doesn't preclude the possibility of more being added in future). However, the section is otherwise lacking some feature to make it complete, such as Knowledge check tables.

What You Won’t Find

Some setting lore is included to provide necessary context to things such as character background options and various types of creature encountered in the wastes. Beyond that, however, Fifth Edition Fallout doesn’t attempt to describe the world of Fallout but instead focuses on the rules you need to play in that world. When planning adventures, the Fallout wikia is a recommended source for all currently available information about the setting.


All the most current Fifth Edition Fallout content is available right here on this wiki, but a number of additional resources are available to enhance your experience with the game.

PDF Rules

If you prefer a bookmarked PDF to read or print, check out the PDF page for a download link. Please do note that I stopped updating the PDF version of the rules, and still occasionally update the wiki. The PDF is perfectly serviceable, but you'll only get the most up to date version of Fifth Edition Fallout here.


For other game resources including character sheets and the counter pack, check out the accessories page.


For Fifth Edition Fallout adventures, including introductory adventure A Date with the Queen, visit the adventures page.

Wasteland Worlds

I've published a number of post-apocalyptic sourcebooks on DriveThruRPG, the contents of which are fully compatible with Fifth Edition Fallout! The products in the Wasteland Worlds line are 100% optional, but at the same time, they're 100% likely to enrich your game and/or save you some work.

Interested in classes and archetypes designed specifically for a post-apocalyptic setting? Check out Wasteland Wanderers, available from itch and drivethruRPG!

Want to know what might be available in a post-apocalyptic shop, or how much it costs to pay a barber, a servant, or a courier? Take a look at Wasteland Wares, available from itch and drivethruRPG!


3rd-Party Resources

I've found a number of other useful tools and play aids that might enrich your Fifth Edition Fallout game! Hover your mouse over "Resources" on the navigation menu for links!

Fallout is the sole intellectual property of Bethesda Softworks. This is purely a fan work. Rules presented work with D&D 5e. Text and game mechanics presented in this wiki are not Open Game Content and should not be reproduced or repackaged in any way.