Resources for Miniatures Play

The following lists are some of the resources I have found for post-apocalyptic miniatures play. If you know of a source you think should be added to these lists or are the creator of a post-apocalyptic product line, then please reach out to @spilledale on twitter.

Post-Apocalyptic Miniatures

Most miniatures from sources included in this list should be scaled between 28mm - 32mm so should look okay side by side. The difference might be unacceptable in a wargamer's army, but in my experience it's not a big deal when it comes to rpg combat. A few others are 35 mm, which will definitely look very big by comparison. In many cases, such as robots and mutant monsters, the difference in scale won't matter, and might even be helpful in making foes look more imposing! Always check scale before purchase!

  • Fallout: Wasteland Warfare by Mophidius has to be mentioned! The officially licensed 32mm miniatures for this wargame would naturally be the perfect fit. It's not just miniatures either, the line includes some scenery such as Vault-Tec branded crates and Nuka-Cola vending machines.
  • Heroforge deserves a mention! At the time of writing they don't have a post-apocalyptic category, but surely it's only a matter of time? Even so, it's already very easy to make a unique character that looks like they'd be right at home in the wasteland given the large category of options available. Since there's a zombie race, this is also probably your best bet for finding a convincing ghoul (you just might have to get creative with headgear to cover the bit of exposed brain, or use some green stuff on it later).
  • Armorcast have a good deal of miniatures and terrain you could use in your game, which I believe are all 28mm scale (but do check each description). You need to look at some of these. From a two-headed mutant cow to giant mutant scorpion, some of these miniatures are literally tailor-made for a Fallout-themed battle. The first place you should look is their Lance & lasers line, specifically the Sci-Fi & Post Apocalypse section. But you'll find miniatures you can use in their Mobocracy, Salvage Crew, and Robot Townies lines. Also of note are the many pieces of awesome scenery in both the Modern Terrain and Sci-Fi sections of the shop.
  • Wreck Age is another site you owe it to yourself to look at. This line of miniatures and scenery is for a 28mm wargame, and includes a lot of stuff perfect for your Fallout game. For instance the caravaneers are what they say on the tin while the Drifter faction looks perfect for raiders. The Reclaimer Zealots could be members of the Reaver faction from Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel. For all that, my personal favourites are probably the dogs! There's some nice scenery too, including barricades, ramshackle vendor carts, and tents, and a shipping crate.
  • Fogou Games have a line of wasteland scenery. Their Fort Hardknox would be great for a raider or Super Mutant camp!
  • Bad Squiddo Games specialises in sensibly dressed female miniatures, which they curate from other sources and also produce themselves. They have a post-apocalyptic line called Ghosts of Gaia you'll want to check out!
  • Lead Adventure have a great line of 28mm post-apocalyptic miniatures called The Last Project. You may also find value in looking at some of their other lines, including Astropolis (sci-fi), Heroes & Villains, and Modern Wars.
  • Thunderchild Miniatures' Wasteman line is full of miniatures designed for a post-apocalyptic wasteland. At 35mm they are on the large side, but they're well worth the look.
  • Dark Ops make fantastic MDF scenery. The lines you'll want to look at are Dark Apoc, Dark-Fi, their line of tie-in scenery for Thunderchild Miniatures' Wasteman, and possibly Overlord.
  • Collision is an upcoming game of post-apocalyptic warfare. The miniatures are 28mm scale but 32 mm in height. Their gangs may be of interest to represent heroes, raiders, etc.
  • Reaper Miniatures have a lot of miniatures in a variety of lines, at least some of which would work well for a Fallout game. My search for "mutants" came up with a few results that would work for Super Mutants, including the "Mega-Mutant" which is clearly actually inspired by Super Mutants. Search for Tiik Warriors for miniatures that would do well for Anglers, or could be easily converted into Mirelurk Kings and Catfish Mirelurk! The search terms "post-apoc", "modern", and "sci-fi" all produces results which you can use!

Post-Apocalyptic Scenery

Any sources listed should be of an appropriate scale for miniatures within the 28-32 mm range, but always check scale before purchase!

  • Mantic Games Terrain Crate is a collection of scenery designed for miniatures wargames. Much of it would look right at home on an encounter map laid out for Fifth Edition Fallout play.


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